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Half-body photo of Marc Baluyan


Performing Artist

Marc Baluyan is a singer/songwriter (aka Voscle), events host, voice over talent, dancer, and actor. He has an extensive background in musical theater, broadcast media, and marketing communications. His positive attitude and professionalism make him a viable choice for clients.

Our Services


Marc offers three primary services that suit your entertainment and event needs.


Marc sings pop tunes that range from slow ballads to upbeat hits. His superb vocal quality and energetic dance moves delight audiences of all ages.


Marc hosts weddings, corporate events, and parties. His unique mix of warmth and energy engages the audience in a friendly, entertaining way. 

Voice Overs

Marc brings scripts to life with his clear and suave sound. He understands every line  and commits to the character. He is very receptive to direction.

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